11.26.21 Pentagon UFO Office Threatens UFO Transparency

by Dark Lord
Pentagon UFO Office Threatens UFO Transparency

On more than one occasion the people at the Pentagon have attempted to do anything in their power to discourage UFO research and investigation. Apparently, because of their actions, we can only assume that the public gaining insight and knowledge about UFO activity must be their absolute worst nightmare. The new Pentagon office comes at a time when disclosure seemed on the horizon, but not so fast. The officials at the Pentagon are acting like power mad land barons of the 1800s and attempting to circumvent UFO disclosure in every way possible. It appears this is just another case of insidious behavior carried out by henchmen to keep the citizens of the United States from gaining information about UFOs and related events. Their actions are again reprehensible, and they are likely to throw up multiple smokescreens and misdirection.

Here is a statement from Luis Elizondo regarding this new office, “Given that elements still exist in the Pentagon who are actively underplaying the significance of this topic, this is akin to giving an alcoholic the key and control to the liquor cabinet.” Christopher Mellon has this to say, “As a former OSD staffer myself, I’m shocked that the DepSecDef would assign the UAP function to an oversight staff with no UAP funding, line authority, contracting, command or technical capabilities. Indeed, the inability of USDI to engage effectively on the UAP issue is why so little has changed or been accomplished since 2004.”

If you want disclosure then we must act together by contacting our senators and congressmen and letting them know we are disgusted by the actions the Pentagon has taken and we DEMAND, that’s right DEMAND, action. This is not the time to play nice, this is the time to fight for what you want. The article we are going to share with you, by author Christopher Sharp for LiberationsTimes.com, breaks down the differences between the Pentagon office in the program proposed by New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and you can find it HERE. The phone number to find your representatives and a template for what to say can be found at the bottom of the article.

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