11.27.21 Should Extraterrestrial Contamination Worry You?

by Dark Lord
Should Extraterrestrial Contamination Worry You

In both the 1953 and 2005 versions of the movie “War of the Worlds” the extraterrestrial nemesis is vanquished by its lack of immunity to the bacteria in Earth’s atmosphere. That brings rise to the question of, “would we have immunity from an extraterrestrial bacteria or virus transported here by an  interplanetary visitor?”  That is certainly a question worthy of speculation and at the very least, for if we do engage in physical contact with a being from another planet we should be concerned about potential cross-contamination. Author Pedro Paulo Furlan opens this interesting topic for Aventurasnahistoria.uol.com.br, so open up Google translator from your browser and check out this interesting article HERE.

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