11.29.21 Loeb-Mellon-Elizondo UFO Disclosure Warriors

by Dark Lord
Loeb-Mellon-Elizondo UFO Disclosure Warriors

Avi Loeb is a theoretical physicist and Harvard professor, Christopher Mellon was the former Deputy Director of Intelligence and Lue Elizondo was the director of the now shuttered AATIP or Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Each man is a leader and a badass in the UFO community and they have now dedicated themselves to the Galileo Project which is dedicated to finding extraterrestrial life. These men are fighting for UFO disclosure allowing the rest of us to follow, and we admire them for that. All three were recently interviewed together on the MaxMoszkowicz podcast and fortunately Arthur Christopher Sharp for LiberationTimes.com has dissected this meeting of the minds and you can find the takeaways HERE.

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