11.3.21 Australian Parliament Discussing UFOs

by Dark Lord
Australian Parliament Discussing UFOs

Most of the advanced nations of the world have or had some sort of UFO investigative body. Some countries, such as France have been open with their citizens with regards to UFO events however other countries such as the United States have waffled between “we have a crashed UFO craft” to “there’s nothing to see here move along”. Mostly it’s been “there’s nothing to see here move along”. The government of Australia, as far as we know, has stayed relatively silent on the subject  and it sounds as if they have no program to investigate these events. That being said, we find it hard to swallow that a country with as much UFO activity as Australia does not have a program in place to investigate these events. Fortunately Arthur Duncan Phenix writing for MysteryWire.com has found that the Australian Parliament is now discussing the UFO phenomenon and you can learn more in his article HERE.

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