11.5.21 Jet Pack Man NOT a Balloon

by Dark Lord
Jet Pack Man NOT a Balloon

We have recently seen reports that the Los Angeles Police Department may now be claiming that the Jet Pack Man seen near LAX airport in Los Angeles is simply a balloon figure known as “Jack Skellington” from the movie “The Night Before Christmas”.  Which we believe to be a rather poor example of true police work with those involved simply looking for an out. We have multiple videos of this strange object and they look nothing, we repeat nothing, like what the Los Angeles Police Department is reporting. We encourage you to view the four Jet Pack Man UFO videos we have, HERE. The LAPD conduct is shameful because rather than say “we don’t know” they attempt a smokescreen that we find pathetic. You can learn more about their claims from an article written by Greg Norman for Fox news, HERE.

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