11.7.21 False UFO Sightings Will Rise

by Dark Lord
False UFO Sightings Will Rise

We have stated time and time again, but feel the need to restate that most objects you see in the sky have a valid, non-extraterrestrial, explanation. The majority UFO videos you see online, including our own, may actually have a relatively simple explanation. Our position is, and has always been, that we present what we find to you and you decide for yourself what you believe to be real. With the advent of Starlink satellites being released into low Earth orbit at regular intervals, we saw a tremendous rise in people reporting UFOs which were easily explained as those satellites. The reports were typically the same, white objects moving across the sky in single file order spaced evenly apart. That is typically a telltale sign of released satellites. Apparently we are about to see many more satellites released as the FCC just approved Boeing for their own satellite plan and you can learn more HERE.

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