11.7.21 What Crashed the AAWSAP UFO Program

by Dark Lord
What Crashed the AAWSAP UFO Program

Many of you may be familiar with the AATIP or Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program which was managed by Lue Elizondo. The primary purpose of the program was to study and investigate UFO encounters with the military. Running parallel to that program was the AAWSAP or Advanced Weapons System Application Program, which was a 22 million-dollar black budget program. The scope of this program included not only UFOs and related events but also the paranormal and beyond. After a couple of years the funding AAWSAP dried up and although that is not abnormal with government programs we were curious what happened to this one. Fortunately for all of us, investigative journalist and legendary reporter George Knapp discussed the demise of this program with former Sen. Harry Reid and you can learn what he had to say, with video, HERE.


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