12.1.21 The Dangers of UFO Cults

by Dark Lord
The Dangers of UFO Cults

A cult is a group of individuals gathered together in pursuit of a common desire. Sometimes it’s religious cause, other times it may be political but in many cases it’s UFO or extraterrestrial related. For those who join a cult it rarely ends well and oftentimes in their demise. The Heavens Gate cult is a prime example. 39 people died following an unhinged leader all the way to the grave. The nation of Columbia had its own problem with a cult believing and extraterrestrial spaceship would arrive on earth and save them before the world ends. The reason we bring this to you is that in the end, this cult hiked into the Sierra Nevada mountains to meet with the extraterrestrials, and none of them ever returned nor has any trace been found of any of them. This is a short article and can be found HERE.

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