12.10.21 Did Russia Retrieve a Crashed UFO?

by Dark Lord
Did Russia Retrieve a Crashed UFO

Just about anybody with interest in the subject of UFOs is familiar with the Roswell Crash incident of 1947, considered by many to be the grand daddy of UFO events. It was a rare situation in which the United States military made a public announcement that they had recovered a crashed UFO. Of course the next day they retracted their story, claiming that the supposed UFO was actually a weather balloon. It was farcical at best. As far as we know that is when the wall of denial and deceit was installed between the American military and the United States public. That one incident captured the attention of the entire world, but what if a similar incident played itself out in Russia and they collected a crashed UFO craft? What if they have been reverse engineering advanced technology for years? Author and UFO investigator Chet Dembeck has dug up documentation supporting this and you can find more information HERE.

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