12.10.21 Should USAF Leaders Be Replaced?

by Dark Lord
Should USAF Leaders Be Replaced

If you have followed us for any length of time you know we regularly rail against the United States Air Force for their naughty rather than nice behavior. To put it simply, the leaders of that branch of the United States military have acted like a bunch of jerks. Even when instructed to share UAP information with groups such as the UAPTF or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, they do not. Their history shows that they lie, obfuscate and deflect anything having to do with sharing UFO information with those that should have it. I understand that they may wish to be careful with what is publicly shared, but this is not that. This is downright disobedience. They refuse to share with people who are authorized to receive information. So, the question becomes what do you do with employees who refuse to follow orders? As someone that has owned multiple businesses it’s a pretty simple solution, you terminate those that will not follow direction and replace them with those that will. Author Sean Raasch writing for LiberationTimes.com has his own take on executive behavior within the United States Air Force and you can check it out HERE.

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