12.11.21 Are Extraterrestrials Hostile?

by Dark Lord
Are Extraterrestrials Hostile?

Judging by archaeological findings, it appears as though UFOs and likely extraterrestrial beings have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. Within those visits are many instances of violent acts on inhabitants of this planet, including livestock, such as cattle mutilations, and even humans. The fascinating book UFO Danger Zone details case after case of UFO/extraterrestrial encounters in Brazil leading to physical and psychological harm including and up to death. The current National Defense Authorization Act of 2022 has an amendment, added by New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, which directs investigations of UFOs that may have caused physical or psychological damage to the witnesses. This is a change in position of epic proportion by the U.S. government. A point of note, and our personal opinion, is that when a witness is injured while experiencing a UFO event they become a victim. While we are not attempting to instill fear in people toward UFOs, they are encouraged to proceed with caution if an encounter occurs. Author Chet Dembeck writing for UnknownBoundaries.com discusses these dangerous effects and you can find it HERE.

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