12.11.21 Kelleher and Knapp Discuss Skinwalker Ranch

by Dark Lord
Kelleher and Knapp Discuss Skinwalker Ranch

If you have interest in the goings-on of the Skinwalker Ranch, so do we. We find it absolutely worthy of scientific investigation and in our mind probably the most fascinating and abnormally dangerous places on earth. It is currently being studied by a team of scientists which is being funded by the ranch owner, Brandon Fugal. Recently legendary reporter George Knapp and UFO investigator/scientist Colm Keller along with James Lacatski released a book titled Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, and we encourage you to read this book as it is absolutely fascinating. The book discovers physical and psychological effects of visiting the Skinwalker Ranch and the little-known “Hitchhiker” phenomenon which in itself can be terrifying. We don’t often share podcasts however this one from That UFO Podcast deserves your attention and you can find it HERE.

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