12.12.20 Shame on Salon UFO Story

by Dark Lord

Having bombastic boobs pop off about UFO and alien encounters as lies or mental instability seems to be the norm for those outside of the UFO community looking in. In this case, authors Mathew Rozsa and Keith Spencer writing for Salon, claim that witnesses of UFO events are either lying or suffering from mental illness. We find their clumsy approach to placing all sightings and events into those two containers abhorrent. They claim a lack of evidence is the reasoning however they have obviously not done their homework and are apparently trying to get noticed. Each person is entitled to their own opinion but we find theirs distasteful and delusional. Furthermore, they are writing about something they know very little of and it shows. They obviously did not take into account the Phoenix Lights or Florence soccer match where literally tens of thousands of witnesses were neither delusional nor lying. We share this with you because we firmly believe that you should decide for yourself even if we disagree with the authors, and you can find this story HERE.

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