12.12.21 Do UFO Experiencers Suffer Brain Damage?

by Dark Lord
Do UFO Experiencers Suffer Brain Damage

The immediate answer to this question of “Do experiencers suffer brain damage?” would be that some may, but not all, according to Stanford Pathology Professor Dr. Garry Nolan. You may remember Dr. Nolan, as the Stanford doctor that ran the tests on a  recovered humanoid artifact known as the Atacama Skeleton, which was made famous by Dr. Steven Greer. Dr. Nolan performed genetic testing and discovered the skeleton was human but carried mutations and skeletal genes possibly causing the biological differences. Now, recently Dr. Nolan has been testing experiencers of UFO events, where it appears brain damage may have actually occurred. This is an important study as oftentimes close encounters seem to result directly to physical or psychological discomfort or illness. You can learn more, HERE.

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