12.12.21 Terrorist Intended Area 51 Break-in

by Dark Lord
Terrorist Intended Area 51 Break-in

Area 51 is a top-secret military installation located in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. This area is known throughout the world as a place where top-secret tests are performed and security is as high as you will find anywhere in the world. That being said, it’s obviously not a good idea to show up at Area 51 unexpectedly. On December 8th, knucklehead Dan Tri gained international recognition for being a dumb ass. He drove his car through the fence of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, parked his car, then threatened to have a bomb in his possession. We assume this was the first part of his big plan, a step “A” if you will. Apparently step “B” was to steal a plane and fly to Area 51 so that he could personally find “Aliens.” We can only guess that he assumed the area would be left unguarded so he could roam freely about the halls until he found the “Aliens” he sought. Interestingly, this report comes to us not from the United States, or even North America, but by way of Vietnam. As you can imagine this didn’t end well for this mastermind and you can learn what happened HERE.

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