12.13.21 UFOs or Flares

by Dark Lord
UFOs or Flares

When unexplained objects are witnessed in the skies and reported to public authorities the event is usually brushed off as either drones, or flares. Oh if everything in life were so simple. In our minds unless you have proof of it being a drone or a flare it is unidentified and falls under the heading of a UFO. That being said, what some consider to be UFOs initially are proven to be something else entirely and that is likely that most of what we see. Recently, commercial pilots over the South China seas recorded a video which included rows of lights above the clouds. It is difficult to tell if the lights are moving in a forward direction or simply falling toward the ground. One way to distinguish a flare from a possible UFO is that flares only go one direction as they are pulled by gravity toward Earth. So now with that tiny bit of information you can decide for yourself in this article with video, HERE.

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