12.15.21 Did Russia Divert Airliners Due To UFO?

by Dark Lord
Did Russia Divert Airliners Due To UFO

On December 10 at 11:56 AM (Moscow Time) air traffic controllers started a UFO at 21,000 feet 30 miles off the coast of Russia. The craft arrived unexpectedly and failed to respond to air traffic control requests however the craft did carry a squawk code (identification code) of 3203 which may suggest a human made aircraft. Russian authorities diverted two commercial flights away from that area to avoid potential conflict. One point of note that you may already know, is that Russia has sent over 100,000 troops to its border with Ukraine in what many believe will be the inevitable invasion of Ukraine. Many historical records indicate that UFOs appear when war is conducted and while we are not saying this is a war, it may be the preamble to an armed conflict between the two nations. Lastly, the craft stayed radar-visible for almost 3 hours before its unexplained disappearance and you can learn more in this article written by Tim McMillen for TheDebrief, HERE.

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