12.16.21 Did ET Visitors Warn of Global Warming in 1968?

by Dark Lord
Did ET Visitors Warn of Global Warming in 1968

Over the years many people experiencing an extraterrestrial encounter claim that the beings conveyed a very serious message that we need to take care of our planet Earth. Apparently they have a tremendous interest in this planet and whether that includes an interest in humans we do not know. We know, for instance, that UFO craft have a certain proclivity for visiting installations harboring nuclear material as well as military vessels carrying nuclear missiles. In 1968 two casino workers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, experienced a face-to-face meeting with four extraterrestrial beings on their way home from work. As with many close encounters, the car they were traveling in stalled and they were temporarily left in a deserted area. You can learn more in this article written by Chet Dembeck for UnknownBoundaries.com, HERE

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