12.16.21 New Skinwalker Ranch Book Released

by Dark Lord
New Skinwalker Ranch Book Released

We have reported many times that we find the Skinwalker Ranch the most fascinating place on earth, and possibly the most dangerous. What often gets ignored is that the strange events and anomalies witnessed and experienced at Skinwalker Ranch are not contained within the perimeter of the property Located in northeastern Utah, residents of the Uinta Basin have experienced UFO sightings and various other unexplained anomalies including Skinwalkers for over 100 years. Ryan Skinner recently released his book “Skinwalker Ranch The Basin Files” which describes experiences and stories from those living in the Uinta Basin. We have already ordered our copy and encourage you to purchase Mr. Skinner’s book to learn more about this utopia of high strangeness. The book may be found on Amazon.com by clicking HERE.

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