12.17.21 Need to Know

by Dark Lord
Need to Know

The study of ufology has finally achieved mainstream status due in large part to people such as Jeremy Corbell, George Knapp, Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, those are the names you are most likely to encounter when reading UFO related articles. Each of those men are superstars in their own right. There are, however, others which may not have the same notoriety but have worked just as hard toward public disclosure of UFOs and related events. Two of those men are an Australian investigative journalist, Ross Coulthart and the other is writer/producer Bryce Zabel. Both men are extremely knowledgeable, well spoken and willing to share their knowledge with you through their new podcast, “Need to Know.” For more information you can check out this article written by Mr. Zabel for Meduim.com, HERE or go directly to the PODCAST.

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