12.19.21 UFO Encounter Regrets

by Dark Lord
UFO Encounter Regrets

After the July 1947 crash of UFO craft in Roswell, New Mexico, the United States military suffered a major debacle. They acknowledged having possession of the crashed UFO only to deny it the very next day. Since that time they have had difficulty ever getting their story straight. What happened after that date was an insidious attack on innocent UFO witnesses. The plan they executed was to ridicule, demean and threaten UFO experiencers into remaining silent. Their plan was to destroy the credibility of each and every person willing to speak as a UFO witness. One couple that suffered this onslaught of ridicule were Paul and Evelyn Trent of McMinnville, Oregon. They were fortunate enough to take pictures of a UFO above their property on May 11th, in 1950, and while they temporarily enjoyed the almost instant fame, they regretted making the event public almost every day until their death. This event is known as the McMinnville Sighting and you can get the details in this article written by Vicky Verma for HowsAndWhys.com, HERE.

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