12.20.21 Do UFOs Present a Military Danger?

by Dark Lord
Do UFOs Present a Military Danger?

While there are few reports of the United States military engaging UFO craft, there are some which do exist. Capt. Thomas Mantell initially comes to mind. This pilot died while chasing a UFO on January 7, 1948. We want to be careful not to over exaggerate these engagements. Typically a UFO will enter restricted airspace, free from interference, and will leave when they decide. We are currently unaware of UFOs initiating any type of permanent damage, however they have disarmed nuclear missiles in the past. Our belief is that the biggest threat comes from close interaction with human airplane pilots. There are multiple accounts of UFOs moving at high speed directly towards jet airliners only to veer away at the last second. Those are the types of events we are pointing to as it would not be difficult to imagine an airline pilot making a tragic mistake which results in a crash of a jet. Unfortunately the military has been less than transparent about UFO incidents with the USAF behaving even childish at times. Refusing to play nice with other government agencies looking into UFO matters. Author Christopher Sharp writing for LiberationTimes.com discusses the impact of the Gillibrand amendment within the NDAA 2022 and you can see it HERE.

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