12.22.21 Did Russians Attack a UFO?

by Dark Lord
Did Russians Attack a UFO

Occasionally we see reports of military combatants engaging a UFO utilizing man-made weapons. These reports typically end in disastrous results for the humans. There have been reports of human launched missiles being redirected back to the launch site, beams of light disabling weapons and occasionally burning witnesses and so forth. It seems inherently stupid to attack and adversary so technologically advanced however our world has plenty of knuckleheads. In 1993 a CIA briefing paper claimed that a Russian soldier fired a surface-to-air missile at the UFO that had been harassing them during military exercises and, as you may well imagine, it did not end well for the Russian soldier. You can learn more in this article written by Chet Dembeck for UnknownBoundaries.com, HERE.

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