12.24.21 Have You Experienced an Extraterrestrial Abduction?

by Dark Lord
Have You Experienced an Extraterrestrial Abduction?

Extraterrestrial abduction is an extremely personal event, handled differently by each victim. Some are eager to share their story and warn or inform others of what they encountered. Others crack under the pressure of the experience and are never the same again. Most, to our understanding, are somewhere in the middle. They may speak of it rarely, or never. Sadly those stories go to the grave with the participants. Occasionally UFO events are only uncovered due to medical injuries that occurred during the event. It is likely there have been extraterrestrial abductions where the unwilling human participant remembered nothing of the event. Author Dean Caporella writing for ARLhub.com discusses components of an alien abduction including one of our favorite subjects, “Missing Time,” and you can find it HERE.

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