12.25.21 MUFON Challenges Department of Defense

by Dark Lord
MUFON Challenges Department of Defense

For decades the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) has been the go-to organization for UFO investigations. They are now a worldwide organization with their own team of field investigators and even a field investigation curriculum for those wishing to enter that arena. Now, if Pres. Biden signs the NDAA 2022 into law, MUFON will have investigative competition with the Department of Defense and the executive director of MUFON, David MacDonald encourages the DoD to “Bring it on!”  As we know the wheels of government turned slowly so the MUFON organization has a distinct advantage initially however the DoD has access to military electronic data which MUFON will undoubtedly be denied. This article was written for DigitalJournal.com and you can find the details, HERE.

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