12.29.21 Where is the UFO Satellite Data?

by Dark Lord
Where is the UFO Satellite Data

When it comes to UFO events, collecting data that is not eyewitness testimony can be difficult if not impossible. Oftentimes when a witness reports a sighting, police would traditionally contact the local airport to see if there is a possible explanation, and/or if they are seeing returns on their radars. This is the way it has gone down for decades but that needs to change. We have sophisticated satellites that can and have been tracking just about anything imaginable and so it is quite obvious that the U.S. government/military has data on UFOs over North American airspace. Unfortunately we may never see this data as government entities that have control over it are secretive and unwilling to share, for a variety of reasons. Avi Loeb, Harvard Professor and founder of the Galileo Project, believes that this data should be shared with scientists and you can learn more, HERE.

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