12.31.21 Was Hunter Injured in a UFO Attack?

by Dark Lord
Was Hunter Injured in a UFO Attack

In the United States instances of alien abduction are few and far between. Most of the stories we encounter involve one or more humans taken onto a UFO craft, experiencing an examination of sorts and, unfortunately, the victims suffer various physical and emotional ailments thereafter. We have reported multiple times of UFO encounters causing physical and emotional damages to victims in Brazil. Cisco Grove, California was the location of a hunter claiming to have fought off  a UFO throughout the night. On March 15th, 1965, a 45-year-old rancher, James Flynn was seriously injured when he was shot with a beam of light during the UFO encounter. This is a fascinating story written by Arthur Chet Dembeck for UnknownBoundaries.com and you can find it HERE.

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