2.10.21 Black Holes: Energy for Aliens

by Dark Lord
Black Holes Energy for Aliens

Most everything in outer space is a mystery to us. Regularly scientists believed to have answers only to be proven wrong at a later date when more data became available. Black Holes are certainly one of those space events which was discovered by Stephen Hawking and are believed to be stars that have collapsed on themselves creating an intense gravitational draw so powerful in fact that not even light can escape. Now however scientists are speculating that energy may be drawn from the edge of black holes. The Event Horizon, as it is known, is the edge of where matter and light are unable to escape the space-time gravity distortion and are swallowed into the black hole. Scientists theorize this area may be where extraterrestrial craft would be able to gather energy for their interstellar vehicles. It is a giant step for science to consider such a thing and you can learn more about it HERE.

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