2.11.22 Criticism of UFO Scientists Continues

by Dark Lord
Criticism of UFO Scientists Continues

We have laid out on more than one occasion why we absolutely do not care for most UFO skeptics. It is not that we do not believe skepticism can be good, it certainly can, however when a skeptic turns into a bombastic bully it has crossed a line that cannot be uncrossed. Many of the skeptics we have come across cherry pick the facts they desire and ignore the facts they do not. Then, they mix those cherry picked facts with their opinions, claim they have proof, and insist that everybody listen to them, that they are the truth Sayers when in reality they should be titled the “misleaders’. Most of the skeptics we have encountered are nothing more than attention whores whose sole desire is to gain attention at any cost, and they gleefully attack anyone and anything that does not fit their narrative. Author David Bates has, on more than one occasion, confronted the Skeptical Inquirer publication, usually leaving them bloodied and battered and you can hear what he has to say in this new article written for Medium.com HERE.

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