2.12.21 Ranch Bordering Area 51 For Sale

by Dark Lord
Ranch Bordering Area 51 For Sale

Area 51 is gigantic. Not only does the facility carry out secret testing, they also practice a lot of bombing, and then of course there’s the sonic booms. The area is dry, and desolate and if you were to need help there’s no one to hear you scream. In this case however the person screaming as a local property owner who is tired of UFO enthusiasts coming onto his land trying to break into his mailbox. Therefore, his ranch is for sale and it includes the infamous black mailbox which is actually on his property and part of the purchase price. The price at 4.5 million for 80 total acres seems quite high, especially if you have ever been there. In case you’re interested however there is more on this property and you can find it HERE.

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