2.12.22 Geomagnetic Storm Swallows 40 Starlink Satellites

by Dark Lord
Geomagnetic Storm Swallows 40 Starlink Satellites

Since the first launch of starling satellites we have been attempting to remind the public to expect a string of lights traveling across the nighttime sky. They were relatively easy to spot yet we still received a multitude of reports in which they were mistaken for UFOs. We have also reported, in the past, that low earth orbit is becoming something of a junkyard and Starlink satellites are part of the problem. You may have also read recently that a geomagnetic storm was headed toward Earth and apparently that storm disabled 40 Starlink satellites which means we have 40 more pieces of space junk floating around. You can learn more about this event using your language translator in this article written by Ander Navarro for Vigilia.com, HERE.

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