2.13.21 Man Penetrates Area 51

by Dark Lord
Man Penetrates Area 51

There are areas within the United States that implore monumental security protocols. Fort Knox, in Kentucky is one, NASA launch facilities would be another and so on, but one familiar to all of us is the infamous Area 51 in the Nevada desert. There are many stories of people attempting access to the secretive base only to be scooped up by security, interrogated for hours and menaced repeatedly before being let go, or on occasion being arrested. It is known that security is so tight that the impact of your walking on the alerts sensors and notifies the men with guns. This is not a place to be clever, as it literally could be the last thing you ever do. Someone however gave it a try anyway, and not only lived to tell about it, but came away so far unscathed. You can enjoy the audio of this man’s tale below.

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