2.13.22 Was an Alien Figure Captured by Mars Rover?

by Dark Lord
Was an Alien Figure Captured by Mars Rover

We can make this very simple, the answer is no. No, no, no. Since NASA has begun sharing pictures of the Martian landscape, taken by the Mars rover, less than credible people have been claiming to see this or that or the other. None of it is true and if you’re getting your information from clowns such as Scott Waring, you will continually be led astray with bombastic claims and extravagant explanations. Mr. Waring has continually made dubious comments about UFOs, extraterrestrials, the moon, Mars and so on. He is simply seeking attention and in this case Newsweek actually used his information in a story which you can find HERE. We share this article with you so that you may better understand what to avoid in the future and we would say “shame on Newsweek” for publishing such trash.

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