2.14.22 Additional Navy UFO Encounters in 1998 and 2017

by Dark Lord
Additional Navy UFO Encounters in 1998 and 2017

For most of the last 70 years, when the United States military would experience a UFO related event all documentation and data involving that event would be compartmentalized and virtually disappear to the public. That was the way the United States military behaved for decade after decade. Over the last few years things have changed to some degree with the United States Navy as they have been releasing bits of information here and there while the United States Air Force stands firm in denying or ignoring everything. In 1998 the USS Boxer was involved in a UFO event as was the USS Bainbridge in 2017 and while there is not much information on the Boxer event you can learn more about the Bainbridge event in an article written for AirSOC.com, HERE.

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