2.17.22 Space Force Duties

by Dark Lord
Space Force Duties

The Chief of Space Operations of the Unites States Space Force is General John Raymond who was recently interviewed and he shared some information you may find as enlightening as we did. Firstly he pointed out that the US Space Force and Space Command are different organizations with different, but related, missions. The US Space Force organizes, trains, and equips the forces and executes operations under the authority of the US Space Command. That was new to us, but what we found really surprising was the following statement, “As for planetary defense, that mission falls within the purview of our nation’s civil space agency, NASA.” What is striking to us about that statement is that a civil organization such as NASA is responsible for planetary defense. Doesn’t that seem a little odd that our military is not in charge of defense? This article written by Mohamed Maher for EgyptIndependent.com offers much more insight and you can find it HERE.

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