2.18.22 Ross Coulthart: In Plain Sight

by Dark Lord
Ross Coulthart In Plain Sight

In this era of people gathering information the fastest way possible, there are still those who prefer to sit down and actually read pages, be it on an electronic device or physically having a book in hand. Ross Coulthart is an investigative journalist from Australia with more than three decades of experience and has provided work for organizations such as 60 minutes. When it comes to UFO investigative journalists he ranks right up there with the very best. Recently Mr. Coulthart released a new book, “In Plain Sight,” which we are currently in the process of reading, and would certainly recommend to those looking to obtain information on UFOs and related events which they may be unfamiliar with. You can watch the short video below of Mr. Coulthart describing some of what is in his book so that you may make a better informed decision.

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