2.19.22 Facing the Truth About UFOs

by Dark Lord
Facing the Truth About UFOs

Each of us has our own ideas about UFOs. Skeptics and debunkers often believe no such thing exists and may go to great lengths in an attempt to prove it to you. Believers on the other hand are sometimes blinded by their absolute certainty that UFOs do exist and are willing to claim everything they see is a UFO. Skepticism can be a good thing, and not everything witnessed is a UFO, so we believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The fact is that UFOs are here, they are real, and have been acknowledged as such by the Pentagon. So what does that mean for a humanity that is so varied with so many different beliefs? Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all answer and each person will need to deal with this reality individually and you can learn more in this article written by Bryce Zabel for Medium.com, HERE.

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