2.2.22 UFOs and Politics

by Dark Lord
UFOs and Politics

It wasn’t that long ago when mentioning anything UFO related would get you a sideways look. Citizens of the United States had been methodically programmed to mock and ridicule anybody claiming to have had a UFO or extraterrestrial experience. That shameful conditioning was brought about by the United States Government and the military in particular and fortunately it may finally be dissolving. Currently it has become almost popular for those either in political office already, or seeking political office to make a statement of some sort about UFOs. As the UFO disclosure movement has grown the topic has been picked up by mainstream media and those seeking public office have been forced to engage the subject. While discussing UFOs is still a slippery slope for those seeking office you can learn more in this article written by Alec Sears for HotAir.com, HERE.

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