2.20.22 F-22s Scrambled in Hawaii

by Dark Lord
F-22s Scrambled in Hawaii

On Monday, February 14th, United States Air Force jets were scrambled to intercept what is being termed as an ‘unmanned balloon’ floating off the coast of the island of Kauai. The Air Force has confirmed the incident stating initially that it was a high-altitude object (unknown) and later concluding that it was visually identified as an unmanned balloon with no markings. If that sounds familiar to you, think back to 1947 and Roswell, New Mexico, when the United States military claimed to have a flying saucer then the very next day claimed it was a balloon. While we are not saying with any certainty that this was not a balloon we are saying that we cannot trust much of what comes out of the United States Air Force with regards to unknown objects in the sky. It was also reported by local residents of two explosive sounds which may very well have been sonic booms. One may wonder, why supersonic speeds would be required to chase a balloon, if that was indeed the sound. Another point of interest is that local residents of  Kauai reported a UFO in the sky during this time. Lastly, rather than become silent, why didn’t the Air Force simply release images of this object so that people would be more likely to believe them for a change. It would’ve been a simple gesture. Fortunately this event happened during the day and you can learn more about this event in an article, with video, written by Tyler Rogoway for TheDrive.com, HERE.

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