2.23.21 Facing UFO Taboo

by Dark Lord
Facing UFO Taboo

Thanks to the United States government and military leaders the subject of UFOs has been ridiculed. The idea was that no matter what you saw, if you shared that information you were to be labeled unstable, crazy or insane. It didn’t matter how much evidence there was or how many people witnessed it, those that spoke of it must be out of their minds or hallucinating. That and in and of itself shines a light on their obsessive need to control ta situation which cannot be controlled. The men in power abuse that power with lies, deceit and innuendo to make  people afraid of telling the truth. If you were a reporter your career could be severely damaged or even ended by investigating and reporting UFO events. This article was written by author Tim McMillan and Tom Rogan and really covers the subject nicely for The Debrief and you can find it HERE.

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