2.24.22 Who Really Controls the US Government UAP Program?

by Dark Lord
Who Really Controls the US Government UAP Program

While the United States form of democracy may be something of a model for other countries, it is not without its problems. The presidency of the United States is the top position within our government, however, even past presidents have been denied information about UFOs and related events. Our understanding is that the presidency is a temporary position, held for no more than eight years, therefore they may not have a “need to know,” which is decided by somebody in a less powerful position but has access to key information. Then you have black money programs which may operate beyond congressional oversight and act independently regardless of the laws. So within the system you have individuals who may believe they are allowed to operate above the law which should never be the case. Author Christopher Sharp writing for LiberationTimes.com looks into this very subject and you can find it HERE.

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