2.25.22 Congress Continually Deceived on UFO Matters

by Dark Lord
Congress Continually Deceived on UFO Matters

We have made it abundantly clear and so have many other UFO related news outlets, that the United States government and military has continually lied to its citizens about UFO matters. What is really coming to the surface now, is that not only have they lied to their citizens, but they have lied to the political representatives of their citizens such as Senators and Congressmen. So when you keep the citizens in the dark and then you decide to keep their elected representatives in the dark, it becomes obvious that you have been operating outside the boundaries of United States law and therefore must be held accountable. Apparently the UFO briefings that have been given to Congressman and Senators has stirred up a hornets nest of accountability and they are demanding to know the truth. Unfortunately, as we have also reported in abundance, those who hold the information on UFOs have not shown any signs of willing cooperation and may eventually need to be hauled in front of congressional committees and testify under oath as to their knowledge. In that situation lying under oath could lead to incarceration. Author Christopher Sharp writing for LiberationTimes.com has recently been hitting one homerun article after another and you can find this one HERE.

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