2.25.22 Petition for Unclassified UFO Videos Release

by Dark Lord
Petition for Unclassified UFO Videos Release

On February 11 we encouraged our readers to get behind a petition requesting that the United States government release all unclassified UFO videos. It seemed like a pretty simple thing, we weren’t asking for classified videos, simply unclassified videos to be shared with the public that just so happens to fund every program which may be involved in UFO secrecy. We had hoped to make an impact of some sort with readers, members and supporters participating in this petition however the numbers have been small, therefore we are asking again, “Can you please visit this website link and fill out this petition and help show supporter participation which may actually bring results?” information about this petition can be found on the Space.com website by clicking HERE,  and doing your part by signing the petition can be done HERE.

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