2.26.22 UFO Believers Still Ridiculed

by Dark Lord
UFO Believers Still Ridiculed

Even though the subject of UFOs has made it into the machine that is mainstream media, the general public is still not on board. Simply go to a nice dinner party or an evening out and stir up the subject of UFOs and you will gather sideways looks and likely make those around you uncomfortable. It is a problem that began shortly after the Roswell incident in 1947 and was a primary weapon used by the United States military to discourage conversation about this important topic. That behavior was insidious and has lasted more than 70 years. Below we have a brief video of how a gentleman named Bob Beckel was treated on the Fox television show The Five on April 5th of 2013, and rest assured, this behavior continues to this day. We must first get over this hurdle of ridicule before the general population may be enlightened to the knowledge that UFOs do exist and need to be studied extensively.

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