2.3.22 Did Cowboys Encounter a Crashed UFO in 1884?

by Dark Lord
Did Cowboys Encounter a Crashed UFO in 1884

There are a lot of articles claiming a lot of different dates for when UFO activity was first witnessed within the United States. In our opinion these visitations have likely been going on since before there was a United States, and evidence of astounding historical discoveries is on display regularly in the television show Ancient Aliens. That being said, we know that in the late 1890s there were numerous UFO reports over the Midwest United States culminating with a possibly crashed UFO in Aurora Texas in 1897. However, we were just made aware that another UFO crash may have occurred on June 7 of 1884 and was witnessed by cowboys working in that area and you can learn more in this article written by Chet Dembeck for UnknownBoundaries.com, HERE.

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