2.7.22 Are Americans Ready to Take UFOs Seriously?

by Dark Lord
Are Americans Ready to Take UFOs Seriously

For more than 70 years the United States government and military pounded into the heads of civilians that UFOs were fake. They were mirage, they were a mass hallucination, they were a weather balloon or even swamp gas. That behavior was not accidental and was not only devious, but insidious. Witnesses of UFO events were ruthlessly and relentlessly mocked and ridiculed in the bulk of the shame belonging to the United States military. Because of their heinous behavior those that have witnessed UFO events are still afraid to speak up on the subject, and although the Pentagon has admitted that UFOs are authentic, people still refuse to believe they exist. Author Adam Gabbatt writing for TheGaurdian.com discusses Americans taking the UFO reality seriously and you can find it HERE.

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