3.11.21 NASA Denies Baker Mayfield UFO

by Dark Lord
NASA Denies Baker Mayfield UFO

Much of the world including the staff at UAP.News believes that NASA is a group of really smart people however, there’s always going to be somebody whose mouth is bigger than their brains. In this case it is NASA spokesman Neddy that claims what Baker Mayfield saw was not a UFO because UFOs are either yellow, forest green or chartreuse. What an A-Hole. First of all he was not with Baker Mayfield so for that reason alone maybe he should shut up. Secondly UFOs come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and we have the videos to back that up. Lastly, the author of this article obviously does not believe in UFOs and it is quite clear he has not studied anything about the phenomena. Just another bombastic boob spouting off on that which he knows nothing about and in the interest of fair play we share it with you HERE.

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