3.14.21 UFO Beam Strikes Russian Pilots

by Dark Lord
UFO Beam Strikes Russian Pilots

On September 30, 1989 Russian media began receiving hundreds of reports of a UFO. Soviet pilots in the vicinity claimed they witnessed a large flying disc with three beams shooting from it. Three towards the ground and two towards space. Ground control requested the plane adjust altitude and course to approach the object, at which point, the UFO altered its own course to meet the plane’s flight level. The unidentified craft pointed one of its brilliant beams at the cockpit of the Soviet plane causing the copilotto shield his face. The aircraft commander was unaware until the 20 centimeter beam crossed his body. Both men could feel the heat and sadly their careers as pilots were soon to come to an end. Both men suffered serious health consequences immediately after including sudden and prolonged loss of consciousness. Within a few months the plane’s commander had died and you can learn more about this tragic event HERE.

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