3.15.22 Paranormal Hitchhiker Stalks UFO Investigator

by Dark Lord
Paranormal Hitchhiker Stalks UFO Investigator

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the term “paranormal hitchhiker,” it typically is associated with UFO events or sightings and displays itself in a myriad of ways and behaviors. These ‘hitchhikers’ may simply be a nuisance, turning your lights on and off, or locking and unlocking doors, or hiding items you may need to complete a task. In general they are nuisance, however the experience may be much more intense, with people literally fearing for their life, or in this case seeing a wolf-like creature on two hind legs staring at them from their backyard at night. Legendary reporter George Knapp, along with Colm Kelleher and James Lacatski co-authored a book titled “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon” which discusses  these unusual events. Today however, you can learn about UFO investigator who apparently picked up a hitchhiker and began terrorizing his family and you can learn more in this article written by Jon Rogers for The-Sun.com, HERE.

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