3.15.22 Pentagon and Congress Battle Over UFOs

by Dark Lord
Pentagon and Congress Battle Over UFOs

If you have been following the subject of Ufology for any length of time, you are well aware of the deceitful way the Pentagon has conducted itself with regards to UFOs. They have a 70+ year history of lying, denying and obfuscating the truth about UFOs and have done everything in their power to deceive the public. Recently those serving in Congress and the Senate have been working diligently toward pushing UFO related disclosure and it seems to be a case of the ‘immovable object’ meeting the ‘irresistible force’ and fireworks may be on the horizon. It is certainly clear to us that those withholding UFO secrets have oftentimes operated outside of the boundaries of the law and at some point they need to be held accountable. One of our favorite authors, Nick Madrid, discusses the clash between these two forces and you can learn more in this fantastic article written for Medium.com, HERE.

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